Hindi Shusha Fonts, Downloads and Help

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Why Download Hindi Shusha Fonts??

  • To be able to read Hindi (Shusha) web pages in Hindi.
  • To be able to print Hindi (Shusha) web pages in Hindi.
  • To be able to write and create web pages in Hindi Shusha Fonts.
  • For the Love of Hindi!

How One would do it??

  1. Need to download the following three Shusha font files to your machine:

    <Variety of situations could arise here! Oh, The Wide World of Web! What a Web WWW has Weaved! Variety of Hardware, Software, Browsers, Versions, Configurations ... No Limit to the Enrichment! But, Despair Not, A Will Will Find a Way!!>

    click on each of the following links, one by one.

    But, before clicking, read the following ...

    In the best case scenario, your browser would first ask you if you want "open" or "save" the file that is to be downloaded. Choose "save". Your browser then would open up another window allowing you to select the folder where "save"ing is to take place. Select the folder C:\WINDOWS\FONTS and let the process begin. Go to step 3 below.

    In the worst case scenario, your browser downloads the file, modifies the name of the file by appending some characters to the original name of the file, and stores it on your disk in some "Temporary Internet Files" folder! You are given no opportunity to select the folder of your choice, and you have no idea where the file is stored on your disk!  All you may see, after the download, is a window with shusha font characters (the font file in an opened state) with two buttons on the top, one labeled as "Done", and the other as "Print". If that happens, just click on the "Done" button on that window. But, you are not done yet! You need to find where the file is!
    If we are lost and do not know where the downloaded file is on hard disk, how do we find out where it is? One way is to use the "Find" utility. (Click on "Start", found on bottom left of your screen, then "Find", then on "Files or Folders...", and then typing filename-to-find in the "Named:" box. For example, you can type "Shusha*" if you would like to have the list of all files whose names begin with "Shusha")

    The scenario, between the best and the worst, is when all downloaded files automatically go to some preselected folder like "Desktop" or "My Download Files". In that case, you need to make a note of the folder name.

    The three Hindi Shusha Font Files:




  1. Once these three files are on your machine, they must be placed (copied or moved) in window's font directory:
    How do we do that? Well, there are always more than one way to do the same thing. Simplest way, probably, is to use Windows Explorer (the File Manager) program.
    Open the Windows Explorer program (its icon is a blue color magnifying glass placed on a yellow folder).
    Locate the three files you have downloaded. 
    One by one (or all three together), select the file, and right drag (right mouse button kept pressed while dragging) the three files into the window's FONTS directory. Right drag would open up a small menu providing choices for either copying or moving the file or even canceling the operation. You may either choose to copy or to move the files.

  2. You should now make sure that  your Shusha fonts are in the FONTS directory. Restarting the machine to make your new fonts operational may not be necessary, but it could be the last resort. Usually, Refreshing or closing/reopening the program (program like Windows Explorer) does the trick. If you do not see the Shusha font files in FONTS folder, try closing and reopening the Windows Explorer program.

  3. Check out the programs like Word or FrontPage. Look into the list of all fonts in these programs to see if our Shusha fonts are included there. If yes, we got it made!

  4. Now you are ready to write your own poetry in Hindi Shusha Fonts!
    In Word or in FrontPage, select Shusha font from the list of fonts.
    You have a English Keyboard that is meant for English alphabet. You have to use this keyboard, but you want to produce Hindi characters. No problem! What you need is a little "Mapping" help! How about having a KeyBoard Layout to produce Hindi characters?
    Well, we thought, you sure would like to have this map!
    Click on the following icon,

    and the map should open up on your screen. You can have this page printed, so that you can keep it attached to your computer. And if you love Hindi, it will not take long to get used to this "Mapping"!

  5. Quiz: How would you write the following in Shusha??

    jaha– BaI rho ijasa hala maoM rho
    saaqa rhI ihMdI rha idla ihMdustanaI.

May the Force be with you!
May your Creativity flourish!!


This Document is created by

Team Abhivyakti & Anubhuti

August 15, 2002
email: teamabhivyakti@abhivyakti-hindi.org

Our thanks and gratitude to Harsh Kumar,
who created Shusha Fonts, and gave it to the world for free distribution:

Copyright (May - 1997) Harsh Kumar, CMIT, Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd., Sector 11 CBD, Belapur, Navi Mumbai - 400 614, India